Faith Formation  – Adult

Adult faith formation provides inspiration and learning (catechesis) to assist each adult member of the parish in following Christ as His disciple. There are a number of programs and experiences used to help adults in the journey of faith that leads to union with God.

There will be Bible studies and studies of prayer and spirituality offered, as well as sacramental formation. Sacramental formation will assist those adults seeking to enter the Church through baptism, Eucharist and confirmation, as well as providing a program leading to confirmation for those who have not received that sacrament.

Schedules for these faith formation and sacramental programs will be placed on this website and publicized in the bulletin. Also, small prayer groups are encouraged to undertake studies on their own with materials suggested or provided by the parish. Each parishioner is encouraged to participate in a small group to help grow and sustain their faith.

The adult faith formation program for Christ the King parish is coordinated with St. Bernadette’s parish in Severn, since we are in the same pastorate.

The paragraphs below describe the intended program for (1) candidates (baptized adults) seeking full communion with the Catholic church, and (2) the program for catechumens (unbaptized adults).

(1) Candidates (and Adult Catholics seeking enrichment in their faith) are invited to participate in the candidates confirmation sessions, which will address “Why we do what we do.” This series of sessions will be offered three times a year through the following dates…

  • August 23rd – October 11th, – Confirmation on October 8th (at Cathedral)
  • February 18th – April 8th – Confirmation on March 31st (at parish Easter vigil)
  • April 11th – May 23rd – Confirmation on May 20th (at Cathedral)

Anyone interested in these sessions should contact Deacon Kevin Brown (301-873-2104), or Mr. Dan Miller at St. Bernadette’s (410-969-2782) for further information on place and times of these sessions. Spanish speakers should contact Ms Airryn Sorto at Christ the King parish center at 410-766-5070, ext. 213.

(2) Catechumens—these are persons who:

  • are 18, or older.
  • Are unbaptized Christians, or those who were baptized using a non-Trinitarian formula.
  • Have participated in a period of inquiry (Pre-catechumenate), where he or she has prayerfully considered their call to the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Are willing to commit to full participation in RCIA formation.
  • Inquiry Sessions
    • October 15th, 10am, at St. Bernadette’s OR October 22nd, 12:00pm, at Christ the King Parish Center. These sessions will explain RCIA formation. Those interested should attend one of the two sessions. Catechumen formation begins November 5th and end March 25th, sessions are in the morning 9am to 10:30am. More detail is available from Deacon Brown or Mr. Miller.

SPANISH language sessions for Candidates or Catechumens will be provided— details will be out before the Fall of 2017.