Youth Ministry Permission Forms

Required Youth Ministry Forms during COVID



IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFO:  At Christ the King Parish, we are committed to providing a safe environment for all our participants, youth and adults. Please review the Assumption of Risk Form below to fully understand and appreciate the risks associated with in-person attendance as well as the precautions and measure we have put in place.  These precautions and measures are consistent with applicable health restrictions and guidance.

COVID-19 Assumption of Risk Statement dated 06.10.2021

COVID-19 Declaración de asunción de riesgo con fecha 06.10.2021

Due to these COVID-19 safety precautions and notices, all minor youth are required by the Archdiocese of Baltimore to have the following documents signed by their legal parent or guardian before participating in Parish events.  You will only need to complete these forms once for your child’s participation in youth group for the program year!  The only additional forms may be for off-site activities or permission to transport your child to an off-site activity.  Such forms will be provided to the participants if such an occasion may arise.

For In-Person Activities with Youth:

Waiver Form: The Waiver Form is essentially the same permission form document that has been required for many years in order for a minor to participate in a parish program. The only alteration to the document is that the parents/guardians are acknowledging an affirmative duty to ensure their child does not have a fever and is otherwise healthy before attending any in-person programs. The document is a waiver of certain rights of the parent and the child with regard to potential liability claims against the parish and parish staff and volunteers. The waiver is not, however, a complete waiver of rights. It complies with Maryland law relative to those claims an individual can rightfully discharge through the use of a waiver. If a child’s parent refuses to sign this form, the child cannot participate in any in-person programs

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form: The form sets forth a number of responsibilities and actions to which a parent or guardian must commit to ensure the safety of their child and of others attending in-person programs. The obligations range from agreeing to complete the wellness screening, timely pick-up of their child should they become ill, and agreeing to report to the parish should their child or a family member be infected with COVID-19 or have come into close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case. If a parent refuses to sign this agreement, their child cannot participant in any in-person programs. Additionally, if a parent fails to comply by the terms they acknowledged and accepted by their signature on the document, the child should be removed from in-person programs and required to participate virtually, if possible.

For Virtual Gatherings with Youth:

Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet and Technology Tools: When meeting in person is not feasible or allowed, the Parish may utilize web-based services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or other similar electronic platforms to gather youth for sessions.  The Internet and technology tools put enormous power at the fingertips of users. As such, they also place a great deal of responsibility on users. The purpose of this form is to make parents and their teen aware of these responsibilities and to adhere to guidelines for acceptable use to respect the privacy of others as well as to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Roman Catholic values and morals. It is recommended that all youth have this form on file as sessions may suddenly switch from in-person to virtual as COVID-19 conditions change.  If a parent refuses to sign this agreement, their child cannot participant in any virtual or online gatherings. Additionally, failure to act in accordance with the provisions stated may end in termination of your child attending in-person as well as virtual gatherings.

For convenience, we have assembled these forms in one document. Although it has numerous pages, it is mostly text with a parent initials or a signature required at the bottom.  The Wavier/Permission Forms require additional information be entered.  Parents are encouraged to read through all the text to be familiar with all the safety protocols and our responsibilities to each other.



You may submit these forms in one of three ways:

  1. (Preferred) Download the form above, type in your information, save the competed form to your computer, then email the forms as an attachment to
  2. Download the form above, print it out, complete and sign, and have your child bring it to their first in-person gathering.
  3. Download the form above, print it out, complete and sign, and mail it to Christ the King, ATTN: Michele Dougherty, Youth Ministry, 126 Dorsey Road, Glen Burnie, MD 21060. (Please note, this method may result in us not receiving the forms before the scheduled event if not mailed early enough).

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Dougherty, Coordinator for Youth Ministry at