Catechist Procedures

Christ the King Catholic Church Burnie Religious Education Program 



Morning REP

The Religious Education Office will be open from 8:00AM until 11:30AM on Sunday mornings when classes are in session. Teachers should stop by the Religious Education Office each Sunday morning prior to class, but no later than 8:45AM. Read items posted, sign or fill in any correspondence or requests, and pick up your attendance form and any communications which may be in your mailbox.

Classes begin immediately at 9:00AM. Catechists should be in the classroom and set up before students arrive.


Evening REP

The Religious Education Office will be open from 6:30PM until 9:00PM on Sundays when classes are in session. Teachers should stop by the Religious Education Office each Sunday evening prior to class, but no later than 6:45PM. Read items posted, sign or fill in any correspondence or requests, and pick up your attendance form and any communications which may be in your mailbox.

Classes begin immediately at 7:00PM. Catechists should be in the classroom and set up before students arrive. Classes end at 8:30PM.


For any immediate questions regarding Religious Education, please call/text Joyce Pagan’s cell phone: 443-527-5442.

Religious Education Office at the Parish Center    410-766-5070

Joyce Pagan               Ext. 218



CATECHISTS REMEMBER: These reminders apply to all Catechists

  • Please dress appropriately, no short skirts for ladies or low-cut shirts, no t-shirts with suggestive advertisements (i.e. alcohol and/or gun promotions, violence, etc.), no sweat pants or pants with writing on the rear-end.
  • Do not bring your younger children to class with you. Remember parents and guardians are paying tuition so that their children can receive quality Religious Education.  For those one and one-half hours, all attention should be on the students.
  • Please be on time. Do not make a habit of running late, but in the event that you are, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you notify the Religious Education Office and/or the Coordinator as soon as possible. Students who show up on time should not be left alone, nor should they have to wait to enter the classroom after class start time.



All letters to parents must be typed on our Religious Education letterhead and the letter must be dated and a copy given to the Religious Education Office Coordinator. After the letter is reviewed, the Religious Education Office will mail the letters. Please inform the Coordinator of any effort made to contact the parent regarding the child’s behavior or classroom performance. These phone calls should be documented.



Each Catechist will receive a Student List. The list will provide the names of the students in each class. If a student has a health problem, learning problem or custody issue, the information will be indicated on the Student List. Remember to keep your Student List confidential.

IMPORTANT: It is extremely important to check these lists for food allergies before any food is brought into the classroom.



Recording Attendance: Each catechist will receive two attendance forms, one yellow and the other blue. The yellow attendance form should be sent to the office, and the blue form is your record. Both forms should be filled out each Sunday at the beginning of class. The completed yellow form should be placed outside your classroom door in the hall during the first 15 minutes of class. An Office Aide will be by to pick up this form.

Attendance Codes:







Lateness: If the yellow attendance form has been collected, please check the late box on the Request Form and list the student’s name under comments.  Turn your Request Form into the office after class.  Remember to record the child who was late on your blue attendance form.



As Catholics, it is our responsibility to teach our children about God. For this reason parents send their children to religious education classes. Consistent attendance ensures that children get the most from their religious education. It is important that parents give God and their children’s religious education their rightful place amongst all the priorities in the child’s life.  If a student is ill and not able to attend class, they are asked to call the REP office at 410-766-5070 Ext. 227 or e-mail us at at least one hour before the class begins. The student, with the parents’ help, will be required to make up the missed lessons. Excessive absences (more than four) will be dealt with on an individual basis and will require completion of additional assignments in order to progress to the next grade level.

Catechists should contact the family of any child who has missed two consecutive classes. However, it is important to check with the Coordinator before these calls are made as there may be sensitive family situations that have been disclosed to the Coordinator. To ensure family privacy, catechists may not always be informed of these sensitive situations.



The new student will be escorted to class by a member of the office staff. A New Student Form will accompany the child.  During the first month of classes, please be patient with the New Student Form. Our priority is to get the students into the classroom as soon as possible, with or without a form. Although the students may not have a form, he or she should still be accompanied by a Religious Education staff member.



Guests of Students or Catechists are welcome; however, the office must be notified the same day, for safety purposes. Please state the name of the guest on a piece of paper and attach to attendance form. Guests who will be attending class more than four times must register for class, or fill out the appropriate child-safety paperwork.



Student addresses, phone numbers and birth dates will be provided to all teachers for their class. When you are given a new student, you will receive supplemental information to add to your list. The Office of Religious Education will provide updated class lists when a new student has been enrolled. We ask that you please be patient with updated class lists through the first month of Religious Education classes as we adjust our classes with new registrations.



The child’s permanent record is stored in the brown file cabinet in the Religious Education Office. Catechists are to examine the records of the children in their class. THIS IS A MUST. The permanent records may not be removed from the office and the information in the student folder is confidential. The office staff will be responsible for recording the information in the file.



It is important to try and handle all disciplinary problems in the class;2room; however, this disciplinary action should not cost the whole class valuable lesson time. If you need help in a particular situation, the disruptive child should be brought to the REP Office. The Religious Education Office Coordinator will assist you at that time with the problem. If a child’s behavior becomes a consistent problem, a phone call and/or letter will be made to the parents. Things to keep in mind:

  • Students, like adults, may have bad days and that is understandable; however, any student who is consistent in their refusal to participate in activities and/or answering questions should be sent to our Religious Education Office. Here the Coordinator will meet with the child and see if there is a need to contact the child’s parents.
  • Students may have special behavioral needs. These needs should be included on the student’s information sheet.
  • Please remember any phone calls or letters sent home regarding behavior should be discussed with the Coordinator prior to contacting the child’s parents.

Following is the discipline policy as stated in the parent handbook:

Failure to abide by the rules, any misbehavior, or disruption during class will result in the following:

  • 1st offense – The teacher will give the student a verbal warning.
  • 2nd offense – The teacher will issue a Discipline Report to the student. The Discipline Report must be signed by the parent and returned the next class.
  • 3rd offense – The student will be removed from class and will remain in the Religious Education Office until a parent or guardian comes to discuss the matter with the CRE.
  • The use of the Discipline Report will be restricted to Grades 3-7. ANY STUDENT THAT RECEIVES MORE THAN 3 DISCIPLINE REPORTS WITHIN A HALF-YEAR TIME (12 CLASSES) WILL BE SUSPENDED FROM THE REP PROGRAM. A meeting will then be scheduled with the parents and/or guardians, the CRE and/or Fr. Lou to discuss the student’s continuation in the Program.



  • Don’t run in corridors or on steps. Please walk.
  • Weekly, on-time attendance is expected from each student.
  • Only one person speaks at a time in class.
  • Gum chewing is not permitted in classrooms or anywhere on school property.
  • Have respect for each person’s property and all school property.
  • Speak in a Christian manner and tone. “Please” and “Thank You” are expected.
  • Coats and hats are taken off before class begins.
  • The Discipline Policy will be followed as outlined above.



If a child becomes ill or injured, please bring him/her to the office and advise the Religious Education Office Coordinator concerning the nature of the illness or injury. If an injury occurs, an incident report must be completed.



Fire or emergencies that would cause evacuation: For the safety of our students, we have a fire drill in the fall.   Please become familiar with all exit doors and proceed out of the building through your assigned exit to your outside designated area.  Be sure to bring your blue attendance form with you.  Be prepared at all times for Fire Drills and Evacuations.  If the need arises, we will take refuge in the Parish Center or Armory.

Situations may cause us to lock down the building.  If there is a lockdown, we will stay with the children until the situation is safe.  There are provisions in the school should the need arise.



  • NEVER leave your class unattended – For safety reasons, failure to comply with this rule will result in the immediate dismissal of the catechist.
  • Children are NOT to be in the classroom by themselves – before class, during class or after class.
  • No unauthorized persons are allowed in the hallways before/during Religious Education classes. All catechists are expected to wear their REP name lanyards.
  • If you see anyone without a lanyard, please alert Office staff.
  • Parents are NOT allowed in the hallways for any reason.
  • All assistants must be Shield the Vulnerable certified, including significant others of catechists. If someone wants to volunteer to assist in a class, please see Joyce Pagan.
  • Incident and Accident Reports are in your folders. Please fill them out if an accident or incident should occur.



It is helpful if you leave a note to introduce yourself to the Slade classroom teacher. This establishes communication between the two of you and an understanding that you will do your best to respect all property in the classroom.

Please leave the classroom exactly as you found it. Be sure you check the following before you leave the classroom for the day:

  • All windows should be closed.
  • Lights should be turned off, and ceiling fans off – where applicable.
  • Furniture should be straightened and put back into original positions.
  • Boards should be erased.
  • Trash should remain as you find it.
  • Each classroom has a plastic storage bin for use by the REP catechists. Please store your materials in this bin. Any materials not fitting inside this bin should be stored in the REP Office. Please leave a note for the Monsignor Slade teacher asking him/her where in the classroom they would like you to leave your bin.

Do not allow students to handle any materials, posters, or books found in the classroom. Use only the supplies you have brought with you. Do not borrow items such as scissors, pencils or paper that are found in the classroom.

If anything is found damaged upon your arrival or if anything during class time is damaged, please fill out a Room Condition Report. The Room Condition Report is very important.

Classroom events and/or activities involving food/drink must be approved by the Coordinator prior to the event.



To avoid back-ups on Sundays, our Religious Education Office staff will copy your papers for you. Be sure to paper clip a “Request Form” to the papers to be reproduced. State the number of copies needed, your name and the date needed. You may specify color of paper.

Please give all papers to be reproduced to the office at least one week in advance of the date needed.

All printing jobs of 20 pages or more must be submitted to our Religious Education Office staff the Sunday prior to the event requiring the printed pages.



Tote Trays and Storage Bins: Each catechist will have a 20-gallon storage bin that can be kept in their classroom. Also each catechist will have a tote tray containing supplies needed by him or her. Be sure the children return all the supplies that belong in the tote tray at the end of each class. Your tote tray may be returned to your shelf in the office or kept in your storage bin in the classroom.

Obtaining Other Supplies:

  1. Check your supply list for other supplies that are available. You are welcome to take these supplies as needed. Please let us know if a supply item is low.
  2. Any supply that is not available may be purchased by using our TAX EXEMPT card, with permission from the Coordinator.
  3. In emergency situations, supplies can be obtained during class time. The catechist or student aide should come to the office with a note stating the specific item needed.
  4. When borrowing items stored in the tote trays in the REP Supply Room, do not take the entire tote tray. The supplies are for everyone; borrow only what you need.

Returning Supplies: Please return any borrowed supplies at the end of each class. This is especially important for items such as triple hole punches, staplers, tape dispensers, glue, left-handed scissors, Crayola markers, etc. as the quantity is limited and must be shared with other classes.

Please note: There is budgeted money for our Religious Education supplies; therefore, I encourage our catechists to notify the Coordinator regarding any specific items they may want for a lesson. These items will be ordered/purchased as long as budgeted money is available. Your creativity in making our weekly lessons “come alive” is what makes our program such a joyful experience!



All equipment is kept in the Religious Education Storage Room and should be picked up there. All equipment is to be returned there at the end of the day to the appropriately marked place on the shelf. DO NOT KEEP ANY SUPPLIES/EQUIPMENT IN CLASSROOMS, OTHER THAN MATERIALS IN TOTES.

Please notify the office of any broken equipment. Include the date, the name of the damaged piece of equipment, and the nature of the problem on the Request Form.

There will be a sign-up sheet for equipment on a clipboard in the storage room. Please take only the equipment you have signed out. Please return equipment at the end of class each week.

You may use the TV and VCR/DVD equipment in the Monsignor Slade classrooms.



The library materials are located in the Religious Education Office. There are videos, DVD’s, teacher reference books, stories for children, prayer books, bibles, song books, ditto master books, books with arts and craft ideas, books on the church holidays and seasons, flannel board pieces, charts and posters and other teaching resources located in the Storage Room.

Before taking library materials, please list the name of the borrowed item, your name and the date on the sheet attached to the clipboard on each shelf. Please cross out your name on the sheets when you return the materials.

IMPORTANT: If you see a project, craft, or lesson in any of these resources that you think might help your class, please let our Religious Education Office staff know and we will provide copies of the materials needed.



For most communications, your Teacher’s Request Form will be used. Due to the rush of business in the office before and after class, communications relating to the Religious Education Program should be in writing. The correspondence can be given to the Religious Education Office Coordinator – Mrs. Rita Lowman.

If you learn of any new information concerning a student, please indicate it on the Teacher’s Request Form and turn it into the Religious Education Office Coordinator. This includes new addresses, phone numbers, personal problems (ex. health or learning) and family situations (ex. death or divorce).



It is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute teacher. If you know you must be absent on a specific Sunday, you should notify the Coordinator as soon as possible via email. Once the Coordinator has been notified, please contact a substitute to cover your class. The names and phone numbers of Substitutes are listed in your Catechists Directory.

Please provide your substitute a lesson plan. If illness occurs at the last minute and you have been unable to get your own substitute, please call the REP Sunday office on 410-766-5070 ext. 27. (Please note office hours on page one). If at all possible, send in your lesson plan.

It is very important that you notify the office if you will not be in. Remember, the ideal substitute is usually your Co-Catechist.



Every week, all catechists and office staff will receive a weekly Newsletter. It is essential that this Newsletter is read prior to class on Sunday. The Coordinator will make every effort to ensure this Newsletter is received no later than the end of the day the Tuesday prior to class. The newsletter will include any last minute developments which need to be shared before class on Sunday. The newsletter and emails are the other best line of communication between the Coordinator and the catechists. Please check your emails frequently (at least twice a week), especially if your grade level has an upcoming event or project. In some situations, the Coordinator will make phone calls to catechists for last minute/major adjustments to planned events. When emailing a response, it is the priority of the Coordinator to answer all emails within a 24 hour period.

To ensure that catechists have all materials needed for their classrooms, please email the Religious Education Secretary, Kelly Kramer ( AND the Coordinator, Joyce Pagan (  We ask that major requests be made at least 10 days prior to the date in which materials are needed. For minor requests (copies, accu-cut shapes, additional supplies, and large lamination jobs) the Office asks for all requests to be submitted no later than 12:00pm the Wednesday prior to the class when materials are needed.



Weather Cancellations:  When ANY phase of the snow emergency plan is in effect, there will be no class.  In the event of inclement weather, parents and/or guardians are asked to check our Religious Education website ( for information regarding possible cancellations. A decision to cancel classes will be determined by 7AM for morning classes and 5PM for evening classes.