Faith Formation (Religious Education) – Elementary

Welcome to the Faith Formation Religious Education Program for Christ the King Roman Catholic Church.  We look forward to the opportunity to minister to your children.


Christ the King, a faith-sharing community, provides Summer Academy, a Religious Education Program for children (grades 1 through 8).

  • This program offers our children the opportunity to share in our Catholic heritage, rich in scripture, liturgy, doctrine, and tradition in a completely immersive environment.
  • Please note that we do NOT offer a traditional fall/ winter program. 
  • This program is opened to registered to all parishioners in grades K through 8. Children entering Kindergarten grade in September 2021 are eligible. Attendance each day is required…..early dismissals are not permitted.
  • Families must be registered parishioners of Christ the King Parish (restrictions do apply). Registrations will be accepted by mail and in-person during regular business hours Monday through Friday until February 28th.  
  • NEW STUDENTS must present original Baptism and Communion certificates (if applicable). We are unable to accept registration for new students without the sacrament certificates.
  • Early Bird registration fees are available in January and February to students with completed Passport Cards. Early Bird fees are $100 per child, and $250 for a family of 3 or more children, plus sacrament fees when applicable. A completed Passport Card includes a minimum of 5 stamps from attending 5 Passport Events.
  • Students without completed Passport Cards or registrations received after February 28th will be charged the full rate of $150 per child; or $400 for a family of 3 or more, plus sacrament fees, when applicable.
  • Payment is expected at the time of registration; however, a 50% deposit of the total due will be accepted, with payment in full due by March 31, 2021.
  • Registration forms submitted with a completed Passport Card will be given priority status – all others will be processed after February 28 in the order in which they are received

Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Summer program?
There are many challenges for families participating in the traditional after-school model for religious education. Transportation after school hours for working parents, cancellation of classes in inclement weather, poor attendance due to winter illnesses, sports schedules, and homework all make the program less effective.

How is the Summer program effective?
The summer schedule offers the advantages of good weather and more availability of certified teachers to staff the program. In addition, the children do not have the additional burdens of homework, sports schedules, and health issues. This results in a relaxed atmosphere of total immersion in learning to live their Catholic faith.

Who will be teaching the children?
The staff consists of teachers who are fully certified in the state of Maryland.

Four hours is a long time. What will the children by doing all that time?
Upon arrival, the children are introduced to the theme of the day and participate in opening prayer. There will be lessons taught by teachers that include many activists.  Additionally, your students will participate in music, art, and social time during their lunch period.

Are other parishes offering this model?

Yes! There are currently no parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore offering this model, however, several parishes in nearby dioceses have adopted this model with great success. Both parents and children find the experience an enrichment of their spiritual lives. In parishes where the program has been launched, the number of families choosing this model increases year by year.

Special Religious Education (SPRED):

Special Religious Education instruction is provided for students age five and above, with varying degrees of learning and physical disabilities.  This program brings the love of God to special-needs students and their families. Classes are held in small groups or one-on-one which enables children to work at their own pace.  Please contact Joyce Pagan at j.pagan@ctkgb.org for additional information. 

For additional information about our program and curriculum, please contact Joyce at 410-766-5070 ext. 231 or j.pagan@ctkgb.org.


Monsignor Slade Catholic School

Serving students in Pre-K2- 8th grade



For questions regarding enrollment, contact Carrie Hilmer, Advancement Director, at c.hilmer@msladeschool.com.