Family Ministry

Mission Statement – To bring Catholic Families along with our neighbors together in Fellowship to grow spiritually, connect and build friendships, encourage, and increase in knowledge and wisdom of the Catholic Faith. To strengthen all Catholic’s and non-Catholics commitment to serving God by spreading the Gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ, through communal family gatherings.

Vision Statement – To be an open and expanding Ministry that is well received and known by everyone, especially Families everywhere whereby any conjugal family that wants to attend regardless of their denomination can come without concern of being judged, but instead be accepted and where all families look forward to attending because the events are fun, engaging, uplifting, strengthening and helps them increase in knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith.

Once a month, 2nd Friday or Saturday of the Month, All Catholic Families – their Friends and Neighbors are invited to attend a 2 hours of Family Fellowship at a local Church Hall and bring a Potluck. A potluck style meal is served, followed by a presentation, Family Games, Desert and closing.  It is open to all and there is never any charge.

The two our format (6pm – 8 pm) :

5:15 pm – Arrive at Hall and Set up – tables layout, chairs, punch bowl, napkins, plates, utensils, power chords,

6:00 pm Guest arrive set up foods.

6:15 Blessing of Food, and Eat

6:45 – Prayer, singing, Presentation

7:00 – Family Games –

7:30 Desert

7:45 Closing Prayer and clean up

There are 5 main areas of focus:

  1. Potluck Buffet – everyone brings something; such as hot plate, desert, chips, sodas.
  2. Blessings and Closing Prayers.
  3. Fellowship – gathering of Families to foster friendships
  4. Presentation – A bible Story is dramatized by parents and older teens with a message that explains the meaning and application.  Or a guest speaker makes a presentation or other presentation is given such as a Rosary Show and tells, Special Family Ministry Mass, Special presenter, Disco Dance Party etc.
  5. Family Games – the Games are to be an extension of the Presentation where possible. For example; Noah’s ark story was followed up with a special Noah’s Ark Art Project, and the Story of the Talents was followed up with Charades.


The Family Ministry has had moderate success during its four years in service; however, at this time it has decreased in attendance.  The perception is because it change from Friday Evenings to Saturday Evening during the 2015 and 2016 season.  Starting in the Fall we will move the Family Ministry to the Second Friday of each month starting at 6 pm.  This time slot seemed to be the most successful for at it’s peak attendance was close to 100 guests and when we moved to Saturday evenings the attendance was cut in half and has declined since.

Who can attend:

The Ministry Program is open to anyone who would like to present and offer any ideas.

In March for example we Had a parent run the Noah’s Ark crafts and it was a big success.  In April we had a guest Deejay come in and play dance music and it was a festive evening.  The hope is to give everyone and anyone who has a gift to share and offer the opportunity to share with everyone.  We want everyone to feel welcomed to participate.  We also encourage everyone to invite friends and neighbors who are not Catholic as we believe this is a great way to introduce the Love of Christ and His church to others who are in need of Hope.

For more information regarding our Family Ministry, please email coordinator Emil Radvansky at