Social Ministries

The Catholic Church of Glen Burnie’s Social Ministry is a key ministry which provides the means by which the Church community serves the poor and those in need.  The ministry will serve the community in three core areas shelter, addictions, food/utilities and missionaries. This document serves to provide the objectives and the operating procedures for this ministry.


Our vision is a community united to ensure that every child and adult is free from a life of poverty and addictions.


Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the neediest communities within Anne Arundel County but also in other parts of the world through missionary efforts.  We serve as a reflection of Jesus’ unconditional love in the spirit of Matthew 25 35-36:”For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.”  Another key component to our Social Ministry is the role of missionary service.   Each and every Christian is called by Christ to missionary service, some locally, some nationally, some internationally.

Core Beliefs

The foundation of this ministry is based on the following core beliefs:

  • That all people have a right to adequate food, clothing and shelter.
  • That all people deserve the opportunity to achieve economic self-sufficiency and escape the ravaging addictions that might hold them back.
  • That with faith, prayer and the charitable support of our Parish community with their time and charitable support, resources will be made available to fulfill the Church’s mission in serving those in need.

Current Programs (Appendix 1)

The following are the committed programs by which this ministry and this Parish community seeks to carry out its mission.  Our support of these programs will be assessed on an annual basis to assess the effectiveness of our ongoing support of these programs.  New programs or increased/decreased level of support of existing programs will be addressed per the governance process outlined.

  • North County Outreach Network (NEON)
  • Hezekiah Movement (Fr. Joe McDonough)
  • Winter Relief Program – Anne Arundel House of Hope
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Anne Arundel St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs
  • Haiti Outreach

Our partnership with St. Laurent in Bassin Mangnan, Haiti was established in October 2010.  Members of the Haiti Outreach Committee meet monthly to review programs developed to meet the needs of the children and parish and to find additional ways to answer our call to serve the least among us. This ministry affords our parish an opportunity to answer Christ’s call.  In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, “It is in giving that we receive.”  When we give generously of our time, our talents or our treasures, Jesus will reward us a hundred fold.

Financials (Appendix 2)

The general funding of these programs is through contributions made through the Poor box collection and specific funding or contributions earmarked for a given program like Haiti Outreach.  The key objective is to ensure funding sources exist to cover all annual obligations.  A balance sheet will be reviewed by the Parish deacons and advisory committee on an annual basis.  The Parish’s financial director will be responsible for providing a quarterly balance sheet for review.

<Balance sheet available through Church’s Finance office>


The ministry of the deacon in the Roman Catholic Church is described as one of service in three areas: the Word, the Liturgy and Charity. The ministry of charity involves service to those in need and those who have been marginalized while working with parishioners to help them become more involved in such ministry. The heart of the deacon’s ministry is to those in Need. Per the guidance from the CCGB Pastor (Fr. Lou), the Parish’s deacons will direct this Ministry. They would communicate with each other, come to consensus and then propose to the Pastor (Fr. Lou) the decision they worked through and made.  Each of the Parish’s three deacons will lead efforts in one of the three areas: homeless (Dcn Al), Missionaries (Dcn Kevin) and food/clothing (Dcn German).

To ensure that this ministry is aligned with the Church community’s intent and to provide guidance, a five person advisory committee of parishioners has been established.   The committee will meet on a quarterly and/or semiannually basis to review the ongoing efforts of the ministry and the needs of the community at large.   Our tasks will include the review of our Parish mission and goals to this ministry; assess our current programs to determine if they are meeting the intended needs of the community they serve and to review the funding sources to ensure that we can adequately meet the existing obligations and commitments of this ministry.  The head of the committee will be one of the Parish’s deacons.  This position will be rotated on an annual basis.  The committee will make recommendations and submit to the deacons for review.  After the deacons consult with each other, they will form a consensus of our holistic approach to those in Need and run their decision by the Pastor (Fr. Lou).  For ad hoc minor decisions, the deacon advisory committee chair will make a recommendation and submit to the Pastor (Fr. Lou) for approval

Additionally, CCGB have 3 collegial bodies. They are: Corporators, Finance Council and Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council helps the Pastor (Fr. Lou) form direction. The Finance Council is monitoring the budget and coming to terms with having to realistically balance our joint-budget. They advise the Corporators on the financial issues surrounding the CCGB. The Corporators are the body that oversees with the Pastor (Fr. Lou) the secure running of the church.  The Pastor (Fr. Lou) will inform the collegial bodies on final decisions made.

Appendix 1

Program Descriptions

North County Outreach Network (NEON)

The North County Emergency Outreach Network (NCEON) is a Christian organization comprised of more than 35 churches and 5 civic organizations from the Glen Burnie, Linthicum, Pasadena, and Severn areas.  NCEON is an all-volunteer organization and does not receive any government funding.  All funds received by NCEON are donated by member organizations and private individuals.  NCEON was established in 1989 and has distributed over $1 million in food and funds to the less fortunate members of our community.  The ultimate goal of NCEON is to never be needed again.

Name: North County Emergency Outreach Network (NEON)
Phone: (410) 766-1826
Address: 304 5th Avenue Church
Glen Burnie, MD
Hours of Operations: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (10am-2pm)

Service Provided: BGE, Evictions & food help

Hezekiah Movement (Fr. Joe McDonough)

The Hezekiah Movement are people, loved ones, and communities in recovery from the growing epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse. We are dedicated to strengthening the spirit of those touched by addiction.  We promote a spiritual response to the spiritual crisis of addiction.
With profound respect for every person, we nuture environments and opportunities for recovery from addiction, and provide Islands of Hope for those seeking a new way of life. Hezekiah is guided by a spirit of hope rooted in the prayer of King Hezekiah, who upon his miraculous recovery from illness, uttered the beautiful prayer of thanksgiving found in the book of the prophet Isaiah.

Mailing Address:
The Hezekiah Movement, Inc.
P.O. Box 20617
Baltimore, MD 21223
Physical Address:
1849 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21223

Winter Relief Program – Anne Arundel House of Hope

Through an all-volunteer effort, Winter Relief has operated as a seasonal Emergency Temporary Shelter since 1992. Hosted at different Anne Arundel County religious facilities each week from late October through April, the shelter is a safe and comfortable refuge for those experiencing homelessness throughout the coldest months of the year. Each facility provides services, meals, and spiritual guidance to the guests during their designated week. It is a unique opportunity for people in the community to reach out and share their blessings with those less fortunate.

514 North Crain HWY, STE K * Glen Burnie, MD 21061

By Phone/Fax

410.863.4888 (Ph) * 410.863.7235 (Fx)

Meals on Wheels

At its inception, Meals on Wheels served 10 homebound clients with a handful of volunteers. In FY 2012, 700,307 home-delivered meals were prepared and delivered to 2,939 clients through the coordinated efforts of Meals on Wheels staff and more than 2,000 volunteers. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, Meals on Wheels expanded its service area to include Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford and Howard counties. The program initiated service in limited areas of Frederick and Montgomery counties in the late 1990s, and began preparing home-delivered meals for Prince George’s Counties in 2011.

Main Office/Central Service Facility

515 South Haven Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
410.558.1321  fax
1.866.558.0827  toll-free

Anne Arundel St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs

Providing assistance for the low income and poor is a key goal of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. Many residents of Anne Arundel turn to the charity and its churches for clothing, emergency assistance, school supplies, and food. While more limited, the charity may have financial assistance for paying fuel, natural gas, electric bills, and rent expenses. They strongly support the needy in the county and surrounding regions of Maryland.

Phone: (410) 647-4884
Address: 689 Ritchie Hwy.
Severna Park, MD
Requirements: Residents of Glen Burnie only
Hours of Operations: Tuesday &Thursday 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm
Service Provided: BGE, Evictions, Food help & Prescriptions

Under this program, volunteers Robbie Miller and Alma Grossman provide hotline support to those in need contacting the Parish.

Sarah's House - Emergency & Transitional Housing

Sarah’s House is a supportive housing program offering emergency and transitional housing with an array of other services for homeless families in Anne Arundel County. We provide safe shelter, daily meals, and personal, as well as professional, casework support for those in need. As a supportive housing program for homeless families, Sarah’s House is much more than just a safe place to sleep. Our goal is to effect positive change in the families we serve by providing the following:

  • emergency housing for up to 90 days
  • transitional housing for 18 to 24 months
  • casework assistance for 12 months
  • parenting classes
  • GED classes
  • computer classes and workshops
  • employment programs
  • licensed child care center
  • variety of counseling services
  • transportation to and from work and doctor appointments
  • three meals each day
  • clothing

Address: 2015 20th St Fort Meade, MD, 20755
Phone: (410) 551-7722

Kathryn E. Philliben
Director of Sarah’s House
2015 20th Street
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Mary’s Center

Catholic Pregnancy Center in Maryland serves the Glen Burnie, Hagerstown, and surrounding areas. We provide material assistance to needy women.  The items we are able to provide are emergency formula and diapers, baby food, wipes, sleepers, clothing up to size 6T, blankets, sheets, baby bottles.  Sometimes we have cribs, pack and plays, car seats, high chairs, and strollers.  We are often the beneficiary of baby showers held by churches and organizations.  On occasion, we receive the larger items, such as cribs and car seats, donated new.  Used cribs must meet current safety standards (most do not so we cannot use them) and car seats which have an expiration date (so many of the used that are donated must be trashed).Generally, we are in the Glen Burnie office Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:30 AM until 4:00 PM.  We have evening hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

Judith Crowninshield

Glen Burnie
7567 Ritchie Highway
near Glen Burnie High School

We can also be reached at:

HAITI OUTREACH - Partnership with St. Laurent

The foundation of this partnership is prayer, a prayerful connection with our sisters and brothers at St. Laurent.  The annual Spiritual Adoption Program, with the distribution of photos of the children of St. Laurent, has strengthened our spiritual connection by encouraging daily prayer for one another.  The Nutritious Feeding Program provides hot lunches to the school children enabling them to be better learners.  Our provision of food encourages attendance and instills in the children and teachers awareness of our love and care.  The mission of the High School Scholarship Program is to improve the lives of the youth of St. Laurent by enabling them to continue their education. Education is the key to progress for the people of Haiti, especially the rising generation.  We will reach out to our Haitian sisters and brothers of St. Laurent Parish and the mission chapels in Déclin and Sedren with blessings and support spiritually, physically and financially. Through the power of prayer our communities will become one as Jesus intended.