Confirmation Peer Ministers

Confirmation Peers:

Confirmation Peers are youth you have received the sacrament of confirmation and wish to assist with the Confirmation Program.  Peers act as role models and support to those confirmandees going through the current confirmation process.  Youth interested in becoming confirmation peers attend an annual overnight peer retreat in January and make a vow of commitment to actively support the upcoming program.

Confirmation Peers must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have received the sacrament of Confirmation
  • Must be active members of Christ the King Roman Catholic Church
  • Must submit an application to be a peer
  • Must attend the peer retreat and make a vow of commitment
  • Must actively support the confirmation program by attending one or more of the confirmation events on a regular basis. Events include:  large group meetings, large group planning meetings, small group meetings, Discovering Jesus events, Candidate-Sponsor Retreat, and Confirmation Retreat.

Youth Ministry
Email: [] 410-766-5070, ext. 220
Nancy Drew, Interim Youth Minister