New Student Registration (English)

Christ The King Roman Catholic Church Religious Education Program New Student Registration Form 2017-2018

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    Concerns that may affect religious instruction (example parents divorced, parent deceased, custody issues):

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    One Student $80
    Two Students $120
    Three Students $150
    Four or more Students $170

    GRADE 6 TO 8
    One Student $60
    Two Students $80
    Three or More Students $110

    *Tuition will not exceed $170 for any family

    Please select any or all of the ways you are interested in helping with the Religious Education Program.
    REP Catechist (Pre-K to 5)REP Classroom Aide (Pre-K to 5)REP Office AideREP Teacher’s Mtg Snack Volunteer
    Middle School Catechist (grades 6 to 8)Middle School Classroom Aide (grades 6 to 8)Middle School Office Aide (grades 6 to 8)

    I, the undersigned guardian of the student participant(s), do understand that photographs or videos taken during Faith Formation or Youth Ministry events may be used in Crucifixion, Good Shepherd and/or Holy Trinity newsletters, bulletin boards, web pages or other publications.

    I also understand that, in middle school and high school youth ministries, social networking websites and tools, especially Facebook, are used to communicate with students. Ultimately, guardians are responsible for all internet activities of their children, but I understand that youth ministry staff persons or volunteers may use these media outlets to effectively communicate.

    Furthermore, I understand that, in high school youth ministry, the use of messaging such as Facebook chat, gMail chat, Twitter or text messaging may be used to communicate with teens. Ultimately, I am responsible for my children’s communications, but I understand that these tools are used for the means of effective communication.

    Check here if you DO NOT want your child(ren)’s photograph or video to be using in Crucifixion, Good Shepherd and/or Holy Trinity publications.

    Parent/Guardian Signature Date




    Grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5:

    Classes are held in the Monsignor Slade School on Sunday mornings 9:00 – 10:20 a.m., September through April. (Grades Pre-K, K, 1 and SPRED dismiss at 10:15) Parents wishing to enroll their children in these classes should call the Religious Education Office to make an appointment. In order to enroll a child, parents/guardians must be registered parishioners of Christ the King Church (Church of the Crucifixion, Church of the Good Shepherd or Holy Trinity Catholic Church). For more information contact Joyce Pagan, 410-766-5070 ext. 218; email


    Grades 6 through 8:

    Youth Faith Formation is for students in 6th to 8th grade. Classes meet for six weeks in the fall and six weeks in the spring. Classes are held on Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Monsignor Slade School. In addition, middle school youth are required to attend two of four Middle School Service Projects. They are also required to attend their grade level retreat. For more information or to register your child, contact Joyce Pagan, 410-766-5070 ext. 218; email


    Special Religious Education SPRED:

    Special Religious Education instruction is provided for students age five and above, with varying degrees of learning and physical disabilities. This program brings the love of God to special-needs students and their families. Classes are held in small groups or one-on-one which enables children to work at their own pace. We meet on Sunday mornings in Monsignor Slade classrooms at 9:00 a.m.; classes conclude at 10:15 a.m. The students prepare for sacraments as they are ready, and participate in the sacramental classes with a support system in their Religious Education classes. Contact Joyce Pagan, 410-766-5070 ext. 218; email for more information.


    Our Catholic Faith (OCF):

    Classes are held in the Monsignor Slade School on Sunday mornings 9:00 – 10:20 a.m., September through April. These classes are intended for young people, grades 6 – 12, who did not attend religious education classes during the previous year. This class will introduce, or reintroduce the student to our Catholic faith and prepare them for the following year, when they will receive the sacrament of the Eucharist and/or Confirmation (Grades 9- 12 only). For more information contact Joyce Pagan, 410-766-5070 ext. 218; email


    Christian Initiation Process (RCIC):

    Classes are held in Monsignor Slade School once a month throughout the school calendar year. Our RCIC classes are for the children (and their parents) who are not baptized (Catechumens) and are older than seven. Please note that both the children and their parents are required to attend these scheduled classes. At the end of our school year, these children will receive the sacrament of Baptism.


    Sacramental Preparation:

    In accordance with the guidelines set by the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the sacraments of Reconciliation, 1st Communion (Eucharist), and Confirmation require at least one year of formal religious education immediately prior to the year the child is scheduled to receive their sacraments.

    “Children enroll in a Catholic school recognized by the Archdiocese, a parish religious education approved by the pastor/pastoral life director for at least one year prior to entrance into the program for immediate catechesis.”

    – Signs of God’s Love: Regulations & Guidelines for Sacramental Catechesis

    It is also important to note that all students who plan on receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist must successfully complete our 1st Reconciliation preparation program prior to their preparation for 1st Eucharist.